ENDURO Sports USATM - P R E S E N T S   T H E - 2016 “Official Starter Clinic
When:   February 20th    Time:  2:00pm                                                    IMPORTANT NOTE FOR 2017 - - - We have already decided to add another feature to the clinic for 2017, which is to include a session on how to use the two most popular types of electronic (FAT) timing systems.  This part of the clinic will be helpful not only to starters (potential starters), but also to anyone wanting to become more familiar with how to use electronics to time their local/invitational (Junior High & High School) Track & Field and Cross Country meets.  The name of the 2017 clinic will be updated  to the new name - - - 2017 “Official Starter” - “Official Timer” clinic. Where:  Moore High School Field House  (north end)                Moore, Ok  73160   (east end of football stadium)                        Why:  (Mission)  This FREE clinic for Track & Field starters was             begun in 2013 to help establish a standard for starters             (and prospective starters) for junior high, high school,                collegiate, and “summer” track meets in Oklahoma.             For the entire Mission, please click HERE                   Who:  (Presenters)  John Deardorff                                              Rich Leitka                                                                                        Bill Weldon                                                                             Larry Able              If you would like to read more about each of the              2016 presenters please click on their picture here.                     What:  To view more details concerning what will be discussed              at this year’s clinic, click HERE                    You:  (Starters and future Starters)  If you’re the “Official Starter” for             Track Meets in Oklahoma (or, if you would like to become an             Official Starter), you’re encouraged to attend this FREE clinic.             At this year’s clinic, you will be able to - - -                   - ask questions.                   - listen to open discussions                   - watch live demonstrations                   - have your starting technique critiqued - if desired                      (weather permitting)                   - and much more.                       If you plan on attending the 2016 “Official Starter” Clinic,  please reserve your seat.  Reserve your seat by email at:                                                 reservation@officialstarter.com  In your email, please include your full name, address and phone number.
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